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Z-wave is a wireless technology, which is a wireless communication method that that allow you to control and monitor typical household devices such as power sockets, thermostats, lux level, motion sensors, curtain and blinds shutters, garage door, IP cameras, lighting, etc. Smart controller and Z-wave devices communicate with one-another using a wireless signal at a frequency of 921.42Mhz (AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave).


Traditional smart homes are expensive and unrealistic, and cable systems also have many limitations. After the renovation, it is difficult to acquire new devices and the installation procedures are complicated.


When it comes to smart homes, most people think that only light control, curtains control, air-conditioning and so on, we pay more attention to the integration of the system, with different sensors, to design a variety of scenes for the guests, the system can automatically control the array of home devices at the same time, in addition It is also compatible with various voice control systems on the market.


Energy management is also an important part. In daily life, people often forget to turn off lights or electricity because they are too busy, which wastes a lot of energy. Users can now use the mobile phone app to remotely control all home devices outside the street, and can easily use the tablet PC to know the power consumption of each group of home devices. Assist users in identifying major energy consumption and identify the best potential for energy savings.

In fact, wireless intelligent systems represented by MPT Solutions Australia Pty Ltd can provide you with simpler, cheaper solutions, and high stability and security, so that you can easily experience a new smart life.

MPT Solutions Australia Pty Ltd offer unrivalled reliability, and are designed from the outset for expandability in the future – so that as new technologies become available, your home will be ready to incorporate them.

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